How much stuff do you own? Here's some extreme minimalism to read while doing laundry.

Laughing Squid reports on Andrew Hyde, whose possessions include only 15 things.

“In August of 2010 I sold everything I owned and currently own ~15 things as an expression of minimalism.choice to sell off all the stuff he owns, and best writing paper keep just 15 things.  He has a great blog where he goes into depth about his lifestyle. ”  YSIM digs his blog and thinks Andrew is one cool cat.

His interview with ABC News is here.

Here is his list:

Arc’teryx Miura 30 backpack
NAU shirt
Mammut rain jacket
Arc’teryx tshirt
Patagonia running shorts
Quick Dry towel
NAU wool jacket
Toiletry kit
Smith sunglasses
MacBook Air
iPhone 3GS
NAU dress shirt
Patagonia jeans
Running shoes

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